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No Half-Measures - The Four Basic Principles of MISTER SIZE

As a team we advocate for and are totally committed to MISTER SIZE because we’ve had enough of contraceptive methods that are just okay. For us, there can is no room for compromises and everything has to be just right. In this way, can you fully experience the happiness, the intimacy, the loveliest moments and enjoy your time together in all its beauty. To make this possible, every step at MISTER SIZE is based on our four fundamental principles:


MISTER SIZE Prinzip Individualität


With sex, there are no global solutions that apply for everyone. Every person is different and that is absolutely beautiful. That's why for us, the word “standard” is off-limits! You are the pinnacles, the highlight and just like you, your love life is also unique. Therefore, you deserve to get your ideal companion: a condom that fits and is right for you. A condom that is pretty damn close to being tailor-made. With this condom you will experience this right from your first time.


MISTER SIZE Prinzip Gefühl



During sex, it is all about the feeling. Ultimately you want to enjoy your moments together and give yourselves completely to each other. Your condom shouldn’t remotely disturb you. That's why we have optimized the fit and size of our MISTER SIZE condoms — so that you will hardly feel them. A wall thickness of 0.05 mm, only a wafer-thin layer divides you during sex, so you can fully feel and enjoy the lovely sensations of sex.


MISTER SIZE Prinzip Qualität


Often there are no second chances in contraception and protection. Therefore, it’s imperative that everything fits correctly at all times. Mistakes are taboo. In order to give you full reliability and peace of mind, our condoms are certified and subjected to careful testing. First-class quality is an absolute minimum requirement for us. For this reason, we only use first-class materials. Not just the size matters, but also everything else must be in order.



MISTER SIZE Prinzip Sicherheit


Fear and worry during sex are unnecessary. Moreover, they are fun and passion killers and therefore an absolute “No-Go” for us. That's why MISTER SIZE not only ensures a good feeling, but also maximum safety. Thanks to its personal size and optimum fit, everything fits together exactly as it should. No disadvantages, only reliable protection for the most beautiful moments.