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No matter how big or small - I love my penis

Yes, the body positivity movement has created a lot of good in recent years: Because it encourages women to stand by their body - no matter if fat or thin, with cellulite or without, dolled up or not. The most important thing is to be yourself and not to be ashamed of it. There is also no reason to be: Everyone is lovable, in their own personal way.
And dear men: What positively encourages women is just as good for you. Because of course we also compare. This applies not only to the arm muscles and the (perhaps rather not or only conditionally existing) sixpack, but above all to a very special body part, which gives us a lot of joy and sometimes unfortunately also heavy thoughts. So it always comes back to the proverbial "dick comparison" - where it's all too easy to feel bad. But wait a minute! Why is that, anyway?

The average thing: what penis length is actually normal?

On the Internet we can easily read where the average length for the best piece is in this country - and if we are below that, we quickly feel stupid. Of course, that's nonsense, because the average is the average: there MUST be a corresponding proportion of men below it, otherwise the principle wouldn't work at all. So if you are below the average, you can be sure that a large proportion of other men feel the same way. Is that really a reason to be ashamed? Abso-fu**ing-lutely not!
By the way, the average penis length in Germany is 13.12 cm when erect - which is more than clearly below the penis length of most porn actors. And anyway: Compared to them, we usually draw the short straw anyway, which is exactly why they often became performers in the first place. But if you're not aiming for a career as a porn star, a smaller penis is absolutely fine - and often even much more comfortable. A length of 10 cm or more is perfectly normal. Otherwise, you can have great sex even with a shorter penis. And be ashamed of it? Absolutely not!

The average penis is getting longer and longer

In a comprehensive study based on data from 55761 men from studies conducted between 1942 and 2021, researchers at the renowned Stanford University have found that the average erect penis length has increased from 12.19 cm to 15.24 cm, i.e. by around 25%, in the last 29 years. This increase could be due to environmental factors such as chemical pollutants, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. The researchers, led by Michael Eisenberg, warn that these changes may affect reproductive health and should be investigated further to understand the impact of external environmental factors on human development.

The perfection trap: We are almost always dissatisfied with ourselves.

Okay, maybe you're envious of others because they have a bigger penis or a nicer penis. That's perfectly fine if you want to be envious at all costs. But you don't have to, because the thing is: no matter what our penis or any other part of our body looks like, we will always find something we don't like. Even supermodels, who look absolutely perfect in the eyes of many, see problem areas on themselves all the time. We have something like a built-in mechanism that automatically looks for the flaw. And if you only look long enough, you'll always find imperfections that don't really need to be imperfections. So it doesn't stop until you stop worrying about it. And now is a pretty good time to do that. So stand up for yourself and you better be proud of what you have!
Regularly realize that it's not our body that determines whether we're happy - it's our attitude and, in turn, our thoughts. How we feel about ourselves is in our own hands. That's one of the great secrets behind being happy. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Three beliefs for you and your penis

To help you believe more in yourself and your penis in the future, we'd like to share three important thoughts with you. You may find penis beliefs a bit weird, no problem. Nevertheless, please read them briefly and only then judge. Because as long as it helps you feel better, it's okay to be a little weird. So go ahead.

  1. Your penis is unique.
    Surely there are special features of your penis that have made you wonder if they are normal: Besides the size, for example, a curvature, maybe it is a little thicker or seems a little thin. Such peculiarities sometimes seem strange - especially with the best piece, where we don't really know how it looks like on the other guys. But the fact is: like us humans, every penis is different. And that means your penis is unique. No one else in this world has a penis exactly like it. That alone is pretty cool and definitely reason enough to feel good about it. So be proud of your unique penis!
  2. Your penis is adorable.
    If you're in a relationship, your partner (or your partner) will definitely like your penis. Before you start racking your brains again and feel bad for having your doubts after expressing them, please make it easy on yourself for once: believe her (or him)! Your penis is fine the way it is - and if you know how to handle each other, you'll have fantastic sex. You should not jeopardize this with false self-doubt, but simply enjoy it. Your penis is adorable. And you have a partner who has recognized exactly that. How cool is that!
    In the unlikely event that she doesn't like your penis, she might just be the wrong one. You'll be the best judge of that, but be sure: there are women who are into your penis. That's a promise! And you should definitely do that yourself. After all, you're a pretty cool team that will hopefully spend many more great moments together.
  3. Your penis is what you make it.
    Okay, it sounds a little oldschool... But it's actually less about size and more about proper technique. With a huge dick, you can quickly get into trouble if you don't know how to use it - and with a small penis, you can conjure up great feelings in your partner if you're clever with it and hit just the right spots. So the basic physical requirements are distributed differently, but the chances of fantastic sex are there for everyone. You don't want to ruin them with bad feelings, do you? So get going instead of worrying for nothing!
    Speaking of technique: Anyone can learn it. So it's up to you what you do with your penis - no matter how big or small it is and whether it has a curvature. It's best to start as soon as possible. Then you can soon enjoy your progress when it gets really hot during sex.

So, what do you say to our three beliefs? Are you with us? Our tip: Make yourself aware of them every now and then and don't let them get you down. Instead, enjoy fantastic sex! For the right condom size you can of course trust MISTER SIZE, as you probably already know. Because with our condoms everything fits exactly to your penis size. So it's also really fun.

Body Positivity at its peak - an extraordinary example at the end

By the way, a somewhat extreme and at the same time very impressive example of Body Positivity or Penis Posivity was left behind by the now deceased artist Albrecht Becker. In National Socialist Germany, he was imprisoned at the time because of his homosexuality and there he surprisingly discovered the pleasure of pain in tattooing. This remained after his release and at some point he had tattooed his entire body. Which in itself is pretty brave. Some of the tattoos were not quite successful and yet he stood by them - even when they took on indistinct shapes in old age and his entire body appeared black.
And not only that: Becker was overall very experimental and at some point thought his balls could be a little bigger. So he gradually injected his testicles with kerosene, which was used by doctors for cosmetic surgery. In the end, he had pumped four liters of paraffin into his body, and it not only stayed in its predetermined place, but also migrated and finally wrapped itself around his penis. It became a rather shapeless bulge and could no longer be used in the conventional sense. But instead of hiding this part of his body in shame, Becker openly displayed his penis and thus became the extraordinary artist he is remembered as today.
This in no way means that you should emulate him. You don't necessarily have to find what he did beautiful either - so it's better to leave your best piece as it is. But the fact that he had the guts to always stand by himself is absolutely great. And it can be an inspiration and encouragement for us in the future in those moments when we doubt our bodies.

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