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Summer sex tips: 7 ways to have sensational sex this Summer

Summer has finally arrived bringing with it sunshine, summer glow and scorching summer sex. Research shows that in the summer months, our sex-drive increases and we typically enjoy having more sex. Scientists argue that the sunshine raises our feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin as well as testosterone levels - leaving us feeling happier and hornier.

If you’re already feeling hot and sweaty though, sex may be the furthest thing from your mind but that shouldn’t prevent you from having sensational sex. So while the weather’s not the only thing that sends our temperature soaring, here are 7 summer sex tips to help you enjoy sensational sex this summer. 

Summer sex tip 1: Explore shower sex

Shower sex is the perfect way to cool down (or steam up) when the weather is scorching. With so many different sensations to add to your sexual experience, it’s no wonder shower sex is one of our all-time favourites. Whether you prefer to feel the water trickle down your back, increase sensual touching as you lather up soap, use the shower head to stimulate each other or start with foreplay in the shower before finishing off in the bedroom - shower sex is high on our list of ways to have sensational summer sex.

Summer sex tip 2: Cool down with ice cubes

If you haven’t been using ice cubes during oral sex - you’ve been missing a very special trick. Not only do the ice cubes slowly melt in your mouth and help to cool you down, but the cool sensation of the ice cube coupled with the warmth of your mouth and lips increases the pleasure on your partner's genitals. You can also take an ice cube and rub it along erogenous zones, such as the inner thighs or neck for that ultimate foreplay experience. If you want to go one step-further, you could add a blindfold to the mix to increase anticipation of where the ice-cube will go. So the next time you feel the temperature rising, grab those ice-cubes and send chills over your partner's body

Summer sex tip 3: Chill your sex toys

Another of our all-time favourite ways to cool down during this heatwave is to fill up a container with ice cold water (you can add a few ice cubes) and let your glass or metal non-vibrating sex toys soak for a while. You can also put it in the fridge for 10 minutes to ‘chill’ before using. The coolness of the sex toy as it penetrates your partner (or yourself) will melt you into a tingling orgasm.

Summer sex tip 4: Add in cold food

Grab your favourite ice-cream or chilled whipped cream and spread it over your partner’s body. When the cooling sensation hits their body, you can pleasure your partner with a satisfying sensation as your partner feels the warmth of your breath as you kiss and lick it off. If one of you has a vagina, be careful not to put any ice-cream or whipped cream near to the vulva, as the sugar can breed yeast infections and that’s never fun for anyone. 

Summer sex tip 5: Get creative

Missionary position might feel a little too ‘hot and sweaty’ to perform on a hot summer's day – two bodies laying down on each other is only going to generate more body heat. So perhaps it’s time to try out some new positions that are less full body contact. Reverse cowgirl (where the girl is on top but reversed - facing their partner's feet) and doggy style (where one partner bends over and the other person takes them from behind) might be two alternative positions to try this summer.

Summer sex tip 6: Feel the breeze

It might sound simple, but there’s something satisfying about feeling a cool breeze on your skin when you’re feeling hot. So what better way to enjoy sex in the blistering heat than to cool down outside - whether you have large private gardens or are able to indulge in a secluded spot outside, you may find the cool air heightens the sexual experience. If you’re not able to have sex outdoors, you could try opening a window and bringing the fresh air inside instead.

Summer sex tip 7: Use condoms

If you’re planning to have a summer romance it might be tempting to ditch the condoms and go au naturel, but treatment for a sexually transmitted infection or a pregnancy risk is not really how you want your summer to end. With our ultra-thin condoms and perfect sizes - you’ll get the benefit of feeling like you’re not even wearing a condom, but with the added bonus that you’re all wrapped up with no hidden surprises down the line.

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